How to Win Big

How to Win Big

Thats right! We have all seen the ads on the Internet and television, “Come and enjoy a game of cards against the house.” Sound familiar? We have been programmed to respond to lots of stimuli by the marketing industry. Card games are a huge marketing success because they are a fun game to play and easy to learn. The next thing you know, companies are selling us something we don’t need or want. A card game that you can learn quickly and easily using the Internet.

These days we are all children. We are all children and we like to have adults over to teach us a new game or to brainwash our children with a favorite adult movie. But, we know better. The adults are idiots and we know they are idiots. So, we say, “Why don’t we play a game ourselves?” And, everyone jumps in and plays the game. But, we all know the house is going to win. Shouldn’t we do something different?

Blackjack is a fun game. But, you can’t sit and play blackjack every single night. You have to take a break from the game sometimes to tend to youroscope a bit. What about the dealer? I’m sure he has a lot of problems with his wife. I wonder if the dealer has a gambling problem. I wonder if the girl sitting next to the dealer has a gambling problems. I wonder what the old guy sitting with the gambling supplies has to do with the casino?

There should be a standard of conduct. If you know you have a gambling problem, there should be no table rules against it. Instead, you and the dealer should have separate poker tables. I believe the dealer has a gambling problem. Our normal table rules from the time the dice are handed to the player to the dealer are, “Don’t touch your hand.” The only possible good reason to hand the dice to the dealer is to “help the play along.” Which makes me wondering about the guy who referees the game. Is he afraid to lose money if the dice are hot? I don’t think so. Unless you have some grounds, like psychic powers, you probably have no business supervising a dice game.

Suppose the dice are hot all night and you take your bet down like you are a little kid. Are you going to try to play your role as a little kid and flop out on the dice? Yep! Continue to play and flop out on the dice. Keep your money on the table and look forward to your flop. The dice should be cold before you leave because you have a gambling problem. Same thing happens to little kids at the end of the playground. They win a few tricks and then they get all confused. They lose a few things and then they start to play again. What happened to little Andy? Wanna know why little kids lose all their money? It’s because they lose their identities. They don’t want to tell their real name to strangers. They don’t want to tell their real age either. They are still children and they can’t bear to throw away their first born name or their real birth date. The little kid is still a child and needs to get out of the house and go potty. She can’t tell the adults that her real name is misspelled or confusing. And little Andy can’t tell the adults that his real age is 35. He can play out the role of a little kid all night long, until they are tired and lose their voices. Then they can take him to the adult room and explain to him that he is a little kid and need to go to sleep. Little Andy can whimper, “NO?” and ” daddy, daddy,” and “I’m not a crybaby,” and they’ll leave him alone in his crib. After they leave, the adults can deal with him like a little child andcipline him into good behavior. The great thing about discipline is that it doesn’t matter what your children tell you, if you listen to them, you’ll be disciplined.

Discipline begins by making a firm commitment to yourself to remove yourself completely from gambling after you win a few hands or make a few sessions. If you are not a gambler, you can not win. If you are going to gamble, you need to make a firm commitment to yourself to rid yourself of all forms of gambling after you win. You can not do this if you are still playing in the next few hours. Play in the future when you are no longer a gambler. It is the only way to win big.

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